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From the creation of serviced plots, typically for residential development by third parties through to the delivery of new high quality commercial space ready for occupation, the project team will manage the entire process from demolition, land remediation, service and highway infrastructure, construction to practical completion.

The St Francis Group is currently managing the delivery of remediation and infrastructure projects to create residential plots and in excess of 850,000 sq. ft. of commercial space to meet present day occupier requirements across its portfolio.

The team bring a commercial focus to the planning process, with particular skills in negotiating sustainable, viable and effective permissions. The team has over 30 years’ experience, obtaining planning permissions for schemes throughout the UK Scotland across various disciplines but particularly for residential, employment and mixed uses.

The team manages all aspects of the process including the submission of representations to Local Development Frameworks, the renewal of existing planning consents and the negotiation of all relevant statutory agreements to ensure that any planning gain requirements are commercially deliverable.

An in-house planning function enables the St Francis Group to develop relevant and effective strategies and react quickly to the threats and opportunities arising from changing legislation.

An inclusive approach to the planning process ensures that a spirit of cooperation prevails within all stakeholders in the planning system ensuring that applications are scoped, submitted, negotiated and granted in as smooth a manner as possible.

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